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Do you enjoy receiving a note or card that has been hand written? In today's computer-driven society, communication is becoming more impersonal all the time. E-mail is the convenient rule of the day. Still, nothing seems to mean more than knowing someone took the time to sit down and share their heart in a personal, hand-written message

All of our cards are intentionally left blank on the inside so you can personalize them with your own thoughts, poems, song lyrics, or humor. Any time, whatever the reason.

Heart to Heart
"Heart to Heart" is the deepest, most sincere form of communication. It is unique to each person and situation, and imprints the life of both giver and receiver.
Poetry sets one free to be romantic, silly, childlike, free-spirited, spiritual, or nonsensical. In each person there is a bit of the poet.
Song Lyrics
Song lyrics have the power to imprint the mind and emotions across all generations, cultures and languages.
Humor does more than entertain, it heals. Finding humor in even the ordinary events of life is "good medicine".

How do you share your heart?

Let us know how you express yourself through greeting cards. We will share your ideas here.


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