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Welcome to! We're glad that you have taken the time to visit our website. Whether you are a store owner, photographer, writer, artist or simply an art or greeting card lover, we hope to inspire you in your craft and love of art.

The genesis of our company began with the creation of photo art greeting cards that photographer John H. Reiff would share with his family and friends on special occasions. As he created cards, others would comment on his photographic images and how they were moved by the way he captured them. His ability to focus on the fine details of a perfect rose or the appealing landscapes of Europe captivated more and more people beyond family and friends.

We have made our primary goal to be the creation of high quality cards that touch people, conveying the magnificent and matchless beauty of God’s creation, while using the individual strengths of people to create them. Every card has gone through the same creative process and quality check to make sure that it meets our standard of excellence. We take great pride in knowing by the time you receive a photo art greeting card it is the very best product we can present. For this reason, we quarantee that you and the person you send it to will be very pleased.


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